12 fantastic reads that will improve your life and money

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The season of long weekends, holidays and time to reflect is here. Let’s make the most of it!

It doesn’t take much to distract you away from categorising your credit card spend, so (even though you should do that, at least for one month) here are 12 good distractions to expand the mind. Usually better than scrolling.

1) Expat Investing Academy – you can bash your way through a good chunk of our program in a long weekend, if you lock yourself in your bedroom and get people to slide food under the door. You’ll emerge transformed, ready for January when everyone else feels bad.

2) Millionaire Expat – Andrew Hallam. Really if you’re an expat, you should read this. They should hand out copies at Immigration.

3) Quit Like a Millionaire – Bryce Leung & Kristy Shen from millennial-revolution. A tough upbringing in China makes Kristy determined not to become another Canadian mortgage-saddled corporate slave.

4) Authentic Happiness – Martin Seligman. When you’re unhappy it’s pretty hard to imagine being happy on most days. It takes a bit of work, so start reading books like this.

5) Billion Dollar Whale – Tom Wright & Bradley Hope. The insane true story of how an average Malaysian boy stole billions from his country, partied with Paris Hilton and funded The Wolf of Wall Street. Compulsive reading.

6) Money Mavericks – Lars Kroijer. Why does Lars love global passive index funds? Because he used to run a hedge fund doing the exact opposite and here’s how.

7) Great Answers to Tough Interview Questions – Martin Yate. Bag your dream job and get closer to Financial Independence by nailing your interviews.

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8) Atomic Habits – James Clear. A thoroughly interesting chap. Learn how to break bad habits and build new ones, step by scientifically-proven step.

9) Doughnut Economics – Kate Raworth. What if economics was a load of rubbish based on the mechanical levers of the Industrial Revolution? We don’t work like that – time for some brilliant new thinking.

10) Lives of the Stoics – Ryan Holiday. Any book by this man is fantastic – The Obstacle is the Way etc. Life’s challenges will help you succeed, so learn how to make the most of them.

11) The Awakened Ape – Jevan Pradas. A romp through many different tribes to see if we can recover what our brains and body really wanted before we got stuck behind a laptop.

12) Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid – Douglas Hofstadter. When you are financially independent, you have the time to learn enough to write a book like this, tying together maths, music, biology, psychology and art.

Wow, I’m barely getting started here. Maybe we’ll do some more nearer the end of the month, when you’re getting desperate for gift ideas.

What are your favourite books that have influenced your life? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below…

Who would benefit from this post? Share here:

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