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Moving to UK Workshop: Sun 3 July, live online + Q&A

If you are thinking of moving to the UK in the next couple of years, learn what you must do in advance pre-move and then get right post-move to avoid very expensive mistakes and tax problems.

Interactive Brokers Workshop: Mon 11 July eve, live online + Q&A

IB is a fantastic platform for expats – low-cost and effective. Rather than spending hours trying to figure it out for yourself, let Tuan & I show you how to apply, transfer money in & out, buy your funds, and manage your portfolio via laptop and mobile.

“It was extremely informative and equipped me with a lot of useful knowledge. As a newbie to investing with IB, I feel 100% more confident now! It was all explained in simple terms that anybody can understand.”

 Thank you for listening! I hope you find this calculator useful. Tracking your net worth every month or quarter can make a huge difference to your finances.

Click here to download the excel file.

Also, here is one of my most popular posts on how to invest as an expat.

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