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Weekend Workshops & Expat Investing Academy program

Weekend Workshops

STOP PRESS: We are running the Academy program as a weekend workshop live on Zoom: Friday 17 & Saturday 18 September. We VERY rarely do this live online as it’s tough on my voice (I get too passionate about Financial Independence haha). Make the most of this opportunity! You’ll also get lifetime access to the online Expat Investing Academy material.

Learn everything you need to know to help you plan, save and invest with confidence as an expat over a fun & interactive weekend from the comfort of your own home.

“Thank you again for your workshop, it was truly eye-opening workshop and I’m forever grateful for the knowledge gained over the 2 days!It has been completely transformational to my financial life :)” – Sandra, live workshop 2020 (see, we don’t do them very often…)

Expat Investing Academy

My flagship program has over 15 hours of short and engaging videos teaching you how to plan, save and invest by yourself, so you can reach Financial Independence much faster than you ever thought possible and never have to rely on others to manage your money again.

The Academy also has weekly group coaching sessions on Zoom so you can get all your questions answered live, lots of tools for taking control of your finances and a supportive Facebook community.

Whether you are stuck in debt, terrified of investing or just want to know how to do it as an expat, this is the course for you. Suitable for expats and locals living in developing countries, though we’ve also had plenty of people living in the UK and US as well.

“This course literally saved our marriage!”     “It lifted a lot of stress from our shoulders.”     “I now have clear vision of my financial road ahead.”
Feedback from our fantastic Academy community

Find out more information about the Expat Investing Academy program below and get started today!
You can always contact us if you have any questions.