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Expat Saving & Investing 101 & 102

The ultimate personal finance course

2 days of 6-hour workshops, suitable for expats (and residents of non-OECD countries). Now online via Zoom so you can join from anywhere!

Fully interactive with presentations, live group discussions, screen-sharing, Q&A, quizzes, financial calculator tools, worksheets and how-to training videos.

Steve is also available for private coaching (book here) and corporate workshops (book here).

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"Probably the most important workshop in my life."
Julian Labuschagne
"Every attendee that I've spoken to has loved Steve's workshop."
Andrew Hallam
Author of Millionaire Expat
"Best weekend I’ve had, especially during the lockdown."
David Walker

As an expat, you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of research, reading and advice-filtering needed to feel comfortable with investing. Especially if you’ve been burned in the past, the stakes feel painfully high. Yet you know part of being overseas is about making money and establishing a solid future for yourself.

If this sounds familiar then this workshop is for you – no selling, no complex equations, no reading required – starting from the basics and building up to cover all the practical details you need to save & invest confidently as an expat.

Imagine having a healthy relationship with money, being free from debt and saving a decent amount each month. Knowing exactly how much to invest and what to invest it in, being proud that you are managing your money yourself, taking only a few minutes per month.

Imagine feeling financial independence coming rapidly closer and the freedom to do whatever life has in store for you. Laughing when financial advisers try to rip you off with a long-term savings plan – you’ve got your finances sorted thanks.

This can be your reality

Even if you hate maths, you hate reading and you are terrible with money. There are entire industries out there telling you that investing is complicated, that you don’t have to pay off your credit card, that you’ll be working till 65 in a job you don’t love. Ignore them.

Saving is simple. Investing is simple, even when you are an expat. It may not be easy – it requires a bit of discipline. But it is simple and you can learn how to do it yourself in one weekend.

What you will learn – from WTF to ETF in 12 hours

In 12 hours, spread over 2 days, you will learn everything you need to take control of your finances. In a friendly and supportive environment, where no question is too stupid, you will discover the facts, tools and steps to ensure your financial life is never the same again.

You can take one workshop or both, do them over one weekend or on different weekends.

Based on the Dead Simple Saving 10 Steps to Financial Independence, Steve & Demos will personally take you through everything you need to do, explaining the basics and showing you the most practical path to saving and investing as an expat.

Expat Saving & Investing 101: Mindset, Planning, Fixing & Saving

The worst thing you can do with investing is jump in blindly and then freak out when the stock market takes a beating. Do the preparation first, put all your safety nets in place and feel much more confident about your current & future finances.

We will use a detailed Excel calculator that will allow you to review your current finances and set goals for your net worth, savings rate, buffers, amount to invest and time to retirement. You can then use this to explore the impact of any future scenario.

Part I: Mindset and Planning

  • How your mind can work against you and how to get in the right mindset for investing
  • How to plan for financial independence and early ‘retirement’
  • How to really understand your current financial situation
  • How to track your net worth and monthly savings rate, then improve them rapidly
  • How to calculate your own target net worth, years to retirement, upfront & monthly investment size

Part II: Fixing and Saving

  • How to maximise your income and minimise your expenses
  • How to manage loans and cards effectively
  • How to establish a cash buffer of appropriate size
  • How to give every dirham a purpose and make your money work hard

Expat Saving & Investing 102: What to invest in and how to invest as an expat

Part I: What to Invest in

  • What stocks, bonds, indices and ETFs are
  • Multiple ways to reduce the risk in sensible stock market investing
  • Why passive index investing beats active investing
  • How to select an appropriate mix of passive stock index fund(s) and bond fund(s), based on your own personal situation
  • How to deal with tax, currencies, time to retirement and market fluctuations
  • How to align your real estate portfolio with stock and bond investing for retirement

Part II: How to Invest as an Expat

  • How to invest confidently as an expat, using an offshore brokerage and an exchange house
  • What to do when you go back to your home country
  • How to fill in the brokerage application form
  • How to buy your first ETF online

Not only will you understand how to do it – you will have started already, with all the numbers calculated and accounts set up, ready to make your first investment.


There are only a limited number of seats at any workshop. Anyone aged 21 or over is welcome. You will need to bring a laptop with Microsoft Excel (no prior experience necessary). Ideally, you should have a gmail account or Google Drive account. You should also bring details of all your savings, investments, debt and main expenses, so you can develop your financial plan. You will only have to share as much financial information as you are comfortable with, and not with other attendees.

If you only want to invest in real estate or actively trade stocks as your main source of income, this course is probably not for you. It focuses on how to spend a minimum amount of time on personal finance through passive stock and bond investing, so you can get on with the more exciting things in life.

Workshop information

All weekend workshops run from 10am to 5pm UAE time (GMT+4), with a break for lunch around 1pm. We keep numbers limited so that everyone can get to know each other, ask questions and receive personal attention.

Online – every two to four weeks with Steve and the amazing Demos

Expat Saving & Investing 101: Date TBC REGISTER YOUR INTEREST

Expat Saving & Investing 102: Date TBC REGISTER YOUR INTEREST

  • Weekend per person: 1470 AED (payment in USD or GBP available)
  • One Day per person: 790 AED

You can book the Weekend option and attend the two workshops on different weekends if you want to – let us know in the notes section when you make your purchase.

Workshop attendance must be booked in advance, as they tend to fill up.

Your Instructor

Steve Cronin has advised banks and sovereign wealth funds (who look after a nation’s billions) on investment strategy and performance for over decade. But having learned about index investing and financial independence, he’d much rather teach individuals how to optimise their finances for a great life.

As the founder of DeadSimpleSaving.com and regular contributor to The National and other newspapers, Steve spends his time figuring out how to make expat personal finance as simple and engaging as possible.

Everything he teaches, he also does himself and makes no commission on any financial services he recommends. That way you know you are getting the best, most objective information available on what works and what doesn’t. Steve will show you how he invests and give you the tools, knowledge and support to help you make investment decisions for yourself.


Here’s some feedback from the anonymous survey we conduct after each workshop:

Expat saving and investing workshop review deadsimplesaving

The most helpful, non-commercial source of financial advice I’ve come across, and has kicked me out of my ‘total paralysis through panic’ mindset.”

“We truly enjoyed the workshop and something that was so alien to us is now more clear and making sense! We never though it was possible to invest in stocks and bonds. We are seriously going to start sorting out our finances so we can start investing our money in a more effective way!”

“The content was simply, straight to the point and clear. Exactly what is needed to get people comfortable with the concept of investing in Index funds.”

“I enjoyed the relaxed, non-intimidating environment. The workbook is an incredibly useful tool.”

Easy to understand, packed with information.”

“All questions were answered and atmosphere was supportive.”

“I liked the clarity, friendliness, energy, savvyness and creating a ‘safe’ space.”

“It was very practical and covered a wide range from mindset to investing.”

Trying to spread the word how good your workshops are :)”

“Worth every dirham!”

It was excellent! I liked all of it, the stuff on saving and spending, the spreadsheets, the recommendations, the simple explanations of investing terms. The step by step guide, with so many facts and figures to back up what you said, provided in easy-to-understand graphs and terms. I loved how you broke up the talking with partner chats and the quiz questions were great. The workshop was so well structured and the slides supported what you said. I appreciate the amount of work that obviously went in to creating this course.”

“Just the right amount and depth for a 2-day workshop, very engaging as well so I never felt the time drag on at any stage. I really liked the interactive quiz element as well. The Excel sheet is hands down the most useful takeaway tool I’ve ever received from any workshop or course I’ve ever attended – super well thought out the whole workshop, I loved it. Thank you.”

And some feedback from people attending talks and one-on-one sessions:

“Your talk was AMAZING” – Angelina L, Dubai

“Thank you so much for the numbers and specific advice in your presentation. Really hate it when talks are vague, and yours wasn’t! Spectacular!” – Tim A, Dubai

“This is the most positive talk about money I’ve ever had. Refreshing to hear clear, uncomplicated guidelines when it comes to investing.” – Kieran O, Abu Dhabi

“Steve can talk about money so nicely, I feel money is starting to arrive after this talk. He gives very important information on finance, everyone should know it. I will rethink my attitude to finance and build a new platform for my future. Steve is a very inspiring person, and he managed to talk with jokes and artistic talent, so everyone enjoyed it.” – Olga S, Dubai

“It’s already putting me in control. I’ve been implementing the points you took me through, feeling very grown up!” – Kat K, Dubai

Let’s do this!

Figuring this all out yourself could take you weeks, even years of research, confusion, trial and error. Let’s get this part of your life sorted, together.

Book your preferred workshop date now to start taking control of your personal finances..

If you have any questions or concerns before you book, you can ask me directly using the form below.

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*Refund policy: before 72 hours of your selected workshop, full refund less any processing fees charged by third parties. Within 72 hours of your selected workshop, no refund though you may switch to a later date if one becomes available.