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Saving Made Simple

Learn how you can save and invest quickly, cheaply and flexibly. Invest like you’re dead, so you can get on with living a fantastic life.

The most successful long-term savers don’t touch their money once it’s invested. And out of everyone, the people who truly excel at doing nothing are the dead. So next time you worry about what the stock market is doing, think “What would a dead person do?”.

If you’re bored by personal finance books and numbed by numbers, this is the place for you.

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The essential guide to low-cost funds and ETFs

This week, I explain how to invest with index funds and ETFs. There’s only space for 300-400 words, so this is probably the most concise guide I will ever produce. I had to leave a lot out, but what you’re getting here is exactly “the essentials”.

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5 reasons why you should never invest in a long-term offshore savings plan

Financial advisors are often trying to get expats to invest in long-term savings plans. They sound good in theory but 99% of the time they are completely inappropriate. You will probably either make unimpressive gains or lose money. So just say no and tell your friends to say no too. Here’s why. Almost no financial advisor on commission is going to tell you this, which is why I have to.

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