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With Steve Cronin plus special guests & expert coaches

Andrew Hallam

Author - Millionaire Expat

Demos Kyprianou


Alison Soltani

Saving & Budgeting

Tuan Phan

Escaping bad plans

Are you frustrated by your financial situation? Are you tired of not saving enough money – or you have too much lying around? Are you concerned about what you’ve invested in so far (if anything) and what to invest in for your future?

Are you ready to change that? Then this program is for you.

Welcome to the ultimate 5-month program combining online sessions, self-paced learning, private 1-on-1 coaching, step-by-step guides, tools, community and accountability.

We have provided all these things to thousands of expats just like you, and now we’re combining them into one program. All the content is available in different formats so you can learn slowly & steadily or skip ahead if you’re in a hurry.

Lots of information out there is either fragmented, not targeted at expats, or confusing. We will give you the foundational knowledge, practical step-by-step guides and coaching support you need to take control of your planning, saving & investing with confidence.

Steve Cronin

I have been lucky to help tens of thousands of expats across the world save & invest by themselves on their way to financial independence.
“I don’t want to manage your money.
I want you to manage your money!”
My programs are always fun, friendly, informative & practical.
I like to keep things simple and show that anyone can invest. Even you!

Results – what can you expect?

By the end (and probably well before the end) of this program, you will have:

  • Understood and improved all aspects of your current finances
  • Set clear & realistic long-term financial goals, with metrics for progress-tracking
  • Optimised your debt and cash (amount, location, currency, rate)
  • Established insurance, tax, inheritance & security protections
  • Identified the right stock & bond investments for you and started investing
  • Identified the right investment platform and money transfer process for you
  • Assessed and strengthened your money mindset to protect from anxiety and biases, and…
  • Become much more confident about managing your own money!

The program is structured so you can get quick wins from Day 1, and move as fast or as slow as you need.

Every attendee I've spoke to has loved Steve's courses. He's making a difference.

Andrew Hallam, author of Millionaire Expat

Timelines – what we will do and when

Mid-April to Mid-July 2024

There will be weekly knowledge sessions (1-2 hours, recorded) including Q&A and some guest speakers, plus monthly accountability sessions. We will run parallel tracks on Planning & Saving and Investing to accelerate progress. 

There will also be ongoing support in the program’s community group and 3 one-on-one private coaching sessions for each member.

Mid-July to Mid-September 2024

We move from knowledge sharing to consolidation as you take further action on what you have learned previously. There will be monthly Q&A and accountability sessions, as well as private coaching sessions.

Track 1: Planning Your Future & Saving Efficiently

Track 2: Investing Practicalities - What & How

Financial Transformation Program

This is what you will get:

  • Access to 12+ knowledge sessions (lifetime access to recordings)
  • Access to 5 group accountability sessions and support to ensure you make progress
  • 3 private coaching sessions with Steve (1 hour each)
  • Access to all existing & new DeadSimpleSaving online courses for duration of program
  • Access to dedicated online community for duration of program
  • Get any question answered within 24 hours
  • Other meet-ups and benefits as they arise

If you would like to discuss the program before you sign up, you can book a quick chat with me here.

$1,497   $1,997   single payment

How this program could make you an extra $500k!

Let’s say you invest $2000 per month for 25 years. In a long-term savings plan or bank savings account, let’s assume 3% growth (which is sadly unlikely): you will have turned your $600k into $894k. After the workshop, you aim to invest at 7% growth and keep fees down to 1%: you’ll have $1.4 million – that’s an extra 500k for a great retirement! And that’s a 333x return on your program cost 🙂

Hear from real expats making real progress using Steve's previous courses

Because of your workshop and how you have taught me, I have managed to invest $100,000 since April 2020! I am so happy and I can’t believe it.
Honestly, you have changed my life (my mum is so thankful to you too).
Hazel, UK expat
Probably the most important course of my life. I look forward to investing as soon as possible using what I’ve learnt.
Julian, South African expat
One of the best things I’ve ever done.
The workshop is awesome!
Alison, UK expat 
I liked the 360° approach… this training will help you to get on a path to financial freedom. Probably the best training any expat can get for money management and investing.
Andy, German expat
The level of detail was exactly where it needed to be. It gave me so much confidence that after procrastinating for years, I’ve now created a broker account ready to begin my real investment journey. This is a huge step for me as I work towards early retirement. 
Iki, Australian expat 
Everything covered is backed by data. The workshop is a safe environment to ask questions about your situation and get valuable pointers. I can’t recommend it enough. 
Noura, Moroccan expat
Super informative yet not overwhelming, very educational yet very practical at the same time! An empowering experience that gave me the courage and knowledge to overcome hurdles and start investing. 
I really appreciate Steve’s course design, because it’s digestible and concise, as well as his warm and friendly delivery style.
Sarah, Lebanese expat 

2024 - now is the time to get on top of your finances!

The past couple of years have been rough on everybody. You may be waiting to sort out your finances until you have a (better) job, have time to go through your expenses, have got out of debt or saved up some cash. Don’t wait. It’s important to get a grip on your current situation so things don’t get worse and it’s important to plan for your future, ready for when things get better.
This is a unique opportunity to be a beta tester for the Financial Transformation Program at 25% off, so don’t miss it! We’ll give you everything you need to start saving and investing properly for your future, by yourself.

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