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available till 16 September 2022

Steve Cronin

I have been lucky to help tens of thousands of expats across the world save & invest by themselves on their way to financial independence.

“I don’t want to manage your money.
I want you to manage your money!”
My events are always fun, friendly, informative & practical.

I like to keep things simple and show that anyone can invest. Even you!

Steve Cronin DeadSimpleSaving.com

What to Expect

There are lots of doom-mongers out there, so let’s be optimistic. How can you make yourself and your finances more resilient so you can survive inflation, cost of living craziness, interest rates soaring, stocks tumbling and bonds get bashed?

I’ll give you my thoughts on making the best of this situation in a friendly and informal one-hour webinar, with a Q&A at the end of you have any burning questions.

This webinar took place on 11 September but you can register below to get access to the recording until 16 September. Please share this page with a friend or colleague who will find it useful.