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Expat Saving & Investing 101 workshop – learn everything you need to know to invest sensibly and start making your money work hard for you.

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Feeling stuck when it comes to money?

Do you find personal finance simultaneously complicated, boring and a bit scary? You are really not alone. There is so much pressure to earn, spend, save and invest. Sometimes it’s easier just to ignore everything and hope for the best, stumbling through credit card debt, house deposits, keeping up with the Joneses, just living.

Every family member, friend, colleague, newspaper, financial adviser and blogger has an opinion on what you should do with your money. The problem is, most of them are either clueless or do not have your best interests at heart.

The personal finance industry is one big party. Not for you, mind, you’re just paying for it. Advisers make commission (the ones to avoid anyway). Newspapers survive through advertising revenue. Banks, asset managers and brokers are delighted to take your money in a hundred hidden ways. You won’t miss a couple of slices here and there.They are just not going to show you the cheapest, simplest way to manage your money, build up a fantastic investment portfolio and hopefully retire early.

But here’s the thing. Saving really is simple. Not necessarily easy – you have to avoid buying unnecessary things, ignore the financial news and not get too clever. But it is simple. And that’s where Dead Simple Saving comes in. Join us.

How Dead Simple Saving can help you

 Our mission is to show you the quickest, cheapest and most effective way to invest your money over the long-term. To transmit this knowledge efficiently to as many people as possible. To understand the psychological blocks people face and find a way round them.

We aim to be transparent, honest and evidence-based. We try to avoid endless numbers and charts unless they are really necessary. We want to be relentlessly practical and have some fun along the way. And we want to support the growing Financial Independence Retire Early community. Yep, that’s FIRE.

Why does nobody teach this in schools? Or at work? Especially when it seems so logical when you understand it. We hope to do that too, or support you in doing it.

We want you to shout ‘I understand!’, feel empowered and run through the streets. Put your knowledge to work by saving for your family, retirement, holidays, schools in Africa. Share your new understanding with everyone you know. And then… GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE.

Investing the way we recommend really shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes per quarter. If you love studying stock reports and deciding which company to invest in next, this site is probably not for you.


Going against your brain’s gambling, worrying and panicking instincts really is the hardest part of investing. The best investors do very little once they have invested. One internal study was claimed to show the best performing online investors were either dead or had forgotten their login details.

Certainly, those who kept their money invested during the crash of 2008 have made hundreds of thousands more over the past 10 years than those who yanked it out in a panic. So next time you are worried about the stock market crashing, take a deep breath and think: ‘What would a dead person do?’ Listen to Smart Skeleton and let us show you the way.

About me (Steve Cronin)

I studied Psychology at Cambridge. Over the past 17 years I have advised the top management of banks, asset managers and sovereign wealth funds all over the world, including princes and prime ministers.

More importantly…

In 2016 I set up a small blog about saving, primarily for expats. I soon realised I could help more people and get more satisfaction through this than doing anything else. So here we are. This is how I spend my days now.

 If you have a question or a comment, or you would like to request personal coaching, a group/corporate workshop, an article or a speech, you can contact me here.

Steve Cronin

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Expat Saving & Investing 101 workshop – learn everything you need to know to invest sensibly and start making your money work hard for you.

Find out more and sign up for Fri/Sat 19/20 April in Dubai here.