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Accountability Group

Are you worried that you might not progress with your planning, saving and investing as fast as you’d like when it’s all up to you? You may get busy, distracted or nervouse. Would some focus, planning, community support and timeline accountabiltiy help you to keep moving forward? Then the Accountability Group is for you, especially if you already know the basics through my Academy or private coaching.

I like to call it the A Group and it’s my monthly support program to ensure you get what you need to make rapid progress with your finances. This includes:

  • Monthly group accountability session on Zoom to go through the 3 things you committed to do, what you’re going to do next month and any issues you’re facing
  • Access to weekly Q&A sessions on Zoom
  • Access to all eligible DeadSimpleSaving online courses, including the Expat Investing Academy program
  • A great community of people going through their journey to Financial Independence, some ahead of you, some behind you – all supportive, friendly & interesting
  • Guest sessions with Financial Independence experts and invitations to exclusive talks & online events

Pay monthly with no mimimum joining period. Click on the Sign Up button below for more information and to apply. If you are an existing client of mine, message me below for a discount.

If you are an existing client, message me below to get access to the special client rate for the Accountability Group.

If you do not hear back from us within 24 hours, then check your email Promotions/Spam/Junk folder – our reply may be hidden in there.