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Corporate Workshops

Financial Wellness –Let’s Not Ignore It Any Longer

“Thank you very much for the workshop today, employees really liked your energy and found your presentation useful!” –HR manager, Dubai
“It was such a great session.” –HR manager, Dubai
“I’ve already had a number of people thanking me for organising the workshop and saying how happy they were that they attended.” –HR manager, Abu Dhabi
“The team got so much value from the workshop,we’ve already agreed to run a second session.” –HR manager, Dubai

Coronavirus Update

Due to the restrictions imposed by the authorities we are changing the format of the workshop so that they can still continue during these crazy times.
The workshops now take place online – we tested it few times already and it works well! It will still be interactive and you will be able to be able to see the slides, see me, ask questions etc. 

How can we help your staff

  • Corporate talks and workshops (with anonymous surveys, quizzes, etc)
    • 101: Mindset, planning, debt & saving
    • 102: Expat Investing: what and how
  •  One-on-one executive coaching
  • Employee Assistance Programme (via e-mail or phone or in-person)
  • Staff discounts on private coaching sessions and individual workshops

You can download the above presentation in PDF format from here:  Financial Wellness overview

Our Clients

Your Instructor

Steve Cronin has advised banks and sovereign wealth funds (who look after a nation’s billions) on investment strategy and performance for over decade. But having learned about index investing and financial independence, he’d much rather teach individuals how to optimise their finances for a great life.

As the founder of DeadSimpleSaving.com and regular contributor to The National, Steve spends his time figuring out how to make expat personal finance as simple and engaging as possible.

Everything he teaches, he also does himself and makes no commission on any financial services he recommends. That way you know you are getting the best, most objective information available. Steve will show you how he invests and give you the tools, knowledge and support to help you make investment decisions for yourself.

To make a booking or make an inquiry, you can ask me directly using the form below.

If you do not hear back from me within 24 hours, then check your email Promotions/Spam/Junk folder – my reply may be hidden in there.